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Polish Champion

On International Dog Show in Krakow which took place on 27-28.09.2009 Nigro has achieved his  


Polish Champion


title. I believe that for each onwer who shows his dog it is very important title so I will share my feelings with you about that day.


The weather was terrible (probably it must be a curse – on the show in Częstochowa where Nigro has achieved his Polish Junior Champion title the weather was bad as well). It was raining all the time – Chris told me not to go to this show (I am so happy I didn’t agree! :D). We had only 2 umbrellas (it’s high time to buy a tent) and we stood there, under these umbrellas with our poor wet newfie. Other dogs were wonderful. They were prepared so beautifully  and they stayed in tents so, frankly speaking, I entered to the ring without any hope for taking any place. I was so surprised when the judge R.I.P. Mr Paweł Szemraj found Nigro  the most beautiful and the most correspond to the standard dog in his class!!!

I was so delighted !!! :). With this joy I squeezed the judge :D hihi. Later on I thought it was not proper hihi :D but whatever :D.

I was especially happy that  the rate of dog was quite big – there were five beautifull dogs and each of them could have stood on the podium!

Ach…what a wonderfull day it was :D  And even we didn’t mind the rain… :D




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