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Polish Junior Champion

On National Dog Show in Częstochowa which took place on 20.04.2008 Nigro has achieved his


Polish Junior Champion


title. We went early for the exhibition. In view of the fact that we didn’t  have too much experience (it was our 6th show in life) and we didn’t orientate at what time we should have been so we arrived on the show place about 10 a.m.  It turned out that we were the last race to be judged! So we were waiting for many hours :( and in addition, it started raining, and we weren’t prepared for this totally. Fortunately, we found some space under the roof. As, we were novices in showing dogs and we weren’t familiar with all  these show titles, I sent sms to Marta (the breeder) with the question “Would Nigro be Polish Junior Champion if we won today?” hihih now it seems to be funny and I know that for the most of you things like these are obvious :D, however for us in that time they weren’t. And … we got the Polish Junior Champion title. We can praise  Nigro was the first Champion form kennel Moje Słoneczko :D

Let's keep it up :)


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